Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
Digit 8: Market

ALeft-Hand Drive, North AmericaAlso used for the Middle East market between 1996 and 2007
BLeft-Hand Drive, Europe
CRight-Hand Drive, UKUsed for all RHD markets, except Australia and New Zealand (after 1994)
DRight-Hand Drive, AustraliaIncluding New Zealand (since 1994)
ELeft-Hand Drive, ChinaSince 2006. Not including Hong Kong.
J / JAP / JPNLeft-Hand Drive, JapanJapan normally is a RHD country, but all Japanese versions are LHD!
        JAP: approx. 1984 - 1994 (with "AP" as the 9th and 10th digit)
        JPN: approx. 1994 - 2000 (with "PN" as the 9th and 10th digit)
        J: approx. 1997 - present (with "00" as the 9th and 10th digit)
LLeft-Hand Drive, Latin and Central AmericaSince 2007. Also used for Middle East (2007) and South Korea.
SLeft-Hand Drive, Switzerland/SwedenUsed between approx. 1980 and 1995
TLeft-Hand Drive, Middle EastUsed before 1996 and after 2007
XOtherFor one-offs, prototypes and race versions