Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
Decoding Example

This page shows an example VIN of a 308 GTSi and the results when you decipher it using these pages.

Ferrari VIN Example

Digit 1-3MakeZFFWorld Manufacturer Identifier: Italy, Ferrari, Ferrari
Digit 4EngineA
Engine typeF106B040
Related models308 GTBi/Si, Mondial 8
RemarksUS version
Digit 5Safety SystemA3-point inertia belts with auto retractors for front
Digit 6-7Model02308 GTSi
Digit 8MarketALeft-Hand Drive, North America
Digit 9Check Digit8The check digit is correct
Digit 10Model YearA1980
Digit 11Plant0Maranello
Digit 12-17Serialnumber031989Serialnumber 31989. The given number fits in the known ranges for this specific model.