Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
Behind the scenes of! is made by Edvar and Arvid van Daalen, two brothers who are nuts about Ferrari since they were teenagers. Since the early 1990s, they have visited dozens of Ferrari related events, not only in The Netherlands, but also in other parts of the world, from California to Japan. Thousands of photos were made, scale models were collected and chassis numbers were written down on papers. Thousands of hours were spent on building this website, maintaining the website of the Ferrari Club Nederland and on several Ferrari forums. It can't be denied that Ferrari is playing an important role in their lives ...

But is there anything else besides Ferrari? For those who care to know:

Edvar van Daalen (born in 1977) grew up in Almelo and studied Business Information Technology at the University of Twente. He moved to Zeist and worked several years as a system developer and as a Business Intelligence Consultant at IT-company Antares in Nieuwegein. In early 2007 he decided to quit his job and to make an 8-month trip around the world with his girlfriend Daniëlle (see After this fantastic trip they got an appartment in Deventer, where Edvar started as a freelance Business Intelligence Consultant at his own company Wysibi. In 2008 Daniëlle and Edvar got married and bought a new house, also in Deventer. In September 2009 their son Thorben was born, followed in July 2011 by his brother Almar. And although his priorities are now certainly focussed on his family, Edvar managed to fullfill a childhood dream by buying a 512 TR!

Arvid van Daalen (born in 1974) studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University Enschede. He worked for two years at Stodt, a center for advanced technologies, followed by several years as a project manager / engineer at Kleizen, where he worked on the newest airplanes and automobiles. After a year at Prior Engineering, he decided that it was time for a big change! He left his birthtown Almelo and moved 1,000 miles to the northeast to Jämsä in Finland, where he started a job as Development Engineer at Patria Aerostructures. He now lives there with his wife Miia. And as Ferraris are hard to spot and drive on the gravel roads around Jämsä, he enjoys other things like photography and his three toys: a yellow Ducati 900 SS/C, a superb blue Alfa Romeo 147 GTA (3.2L V6!) and a silvergrey Alfa Romeo 4C.