Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
Digit 9: Check Digit

A or PSpecific Japanese versions (See Digit 8: Market)
0 - 9 or X (specific calculation)North America, Middle East (>2007), Latin America (>2006) and China (>2006)
0All other markets

For specific markets (see above), the ninth digit of the VIN represents the "Check Digit". This digit provides a way to verify the validity of all other characters in positions 1-8 and 10-17. The check digit is calculated by using this mathematical computation:

STEP 1: Assign to each number in the VIN its mathematical value and assign to each letter the value specified below:

A = 1G = 7N = 5V = 5
B = 2H = 8P = 7W = 6
C = 3J = 1R = 9X = 7
D = 4K = 2S = 2Y = 8
E = 5L = 3T = 3Z = 9
F = 6M = 4U = 4 

STEP 2: Multiply the assigned value for each VIN character by the Position weight factor specified below:

VIN positionWeight factorVIN positionWeight factor
9thto be calculated  

STEP 3: Add the resulting products and divide this total by 11.

The numerical remainder is the check digit. If the remainder is 10 the letter 'X' shall be used to designate the check digit.

For an easy check of the check digit, see below or go to the VIN Decoder.

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