Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
Recent Updates

An overview of the most important and "recent" updates to this website ...

2021-MAR-03VIN Decoder Update, Part II complete: Full update, including the latest models!
2021-FEB-11VIN Decoder Update, Part I complete: Until 348/512 TR is now more complete, especially regarding exotic markets.
2021-FEB-05Thanks to new information, a very big update of the VIN Decoder section is WORK IN PROGRESS.
2021-FEB-03New information on the VIN Introduction page about the start of using VINs on Ferraris.
2021-FEB-02Some updates on the About page and a different menu structure at the VIN Decoder section.
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2017-NOV-05Finally working on the website again! This includes a big update regarding the VIN Decoder section!
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2013-NOV-10Updated information on different versions of the 512 TR.
2013-NOV-10Updates regarding the Testarossa leather and carpet colours.
2013-SEP-11Updated colour overview for the Testarossa, now on a new page, including a gallery.
2013-SEP-11New chapter about "Options" for all three types. See the different "Versions" pages.
2013-SEP-11Correction to the chassis type of the F512 M and to the track of the Testarossa.
2013-AUG-17Small updates at the specs of 512 TR and F512 M (power and torque). Also added two technical upgrades of the 512 TR.
2013-AUG-17Additional information regarding the wheels on the Testarossa.
2013-AUG-16Correction regarding catalysts on F113B engines.
2013-AUG-16Lots of additional information regarding technical updates and differences per market related to the Testarossa.
2013-JUN-13Correction regarding the reason of having a single high mirror.
2013-JUN-10A completely updated website! Red-Headed 2.0!
2000-FEB-25The "birth" of!