Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
512 TR s/n 98932

In 2012 one of Edvar's big childhood dreams came true: he became the owner of a Ferrari 512 TR!

The search for his "dream car" started slowly about two years earlier. Although his brain tried to focus on some cheaper and more user-friendly Ferrari types (like a Mondial which could be enjoyed with the kids too!), his heart kept returning to the Testarossa series. A few cars were inspected, including the first Testarossa ever made (s/n 53081), but the brown interior (characteristic for those early production Testarossas), the single high mirror and the work that needed to be done were not really attractive in Edvar's opinion ...

It soon became clear that his interest moved to non-red Ferraris and to the more modern (and more reliable) 512 TR. An interesting car was found in Belgium at Mecanic Import, painted by the factory on special request of the first owner in a non-standard Prugna Metallizzato and fitted with a nice beige interior and a reddish-brown dashboard. After a technical inspection at FMA, a lot of negotiations and even more "thinking over", it was finally acquired! But before it could be enjoyed, the car needed a fresh major service, which was done by the Ferrari experts of Italauto. And finally, after a long time, the car was registered by Edvar in the fall of 2012, ready to be driven!!


TypeFerrari 512 TR
EngineF113D040 36349
Colour ExteriorExtracampionario Prugna Metallizzato 306/C
Colour InteriorBeige 4208
Colour DashboardTesta di Moro 4306
Colour CarpetsCastoro 172