Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
Zagato FZ 93
s/n 83935

VIN: ZFFSA17S000083935 (Swiss version)

The FZ93 ("Formula Zagato 93") was made by Zagato and was first presented at the 1993 Geneva Show in Switzerland, held from March 4th 1993 till March 14th 1993. Based on the chassis of a Testarossa, the FZ93 was built under guidance of Ercole Spada, a chief designer who rejoined Zagato in September 1992.

The FZ93 reflects Elio and Gianni Zagato's continuing desire to look beyond contemporary design and it served to lay down the foundations for the company's future creative strategy with a concentration of new and radical design elements. The leading edge of the bonnet is characterized by a projection reminiscent of a F1 nose cone.

length 4465 mm
width 1946 mm
height 1130 mm
weight 1440 kg

[Source: Zagato Magazine]