Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
Testarossa Spider

There was only one (official) Testarossa Spider made, which was designed by Pininfarina by special order of Ferrari. This car even had a special VIN, in which the "30" indicated that this was a different model than the normal Testarossa. After Pininfarina made this one-off, there were other clients who wanted such a car too. This resulted in several (unofficial) "Testarossa Pininfarina Spider Conversions" and "512 TR Pininfarina Spider Conversions". See the page about the Pininfarina Spider Conversions.

Testarossa Spider
s/n 62897

VIN: ZFFTA30B000062897

Specially made by Pininfarina for Gianni Agnelli, who bought it in 1986. The colour is grey with white interior and it has a dark blue stripe at the bottom and a white top. The engine lid is also very special and different than on most Spider conversions.

Besides that, the front window and the door windows are both shorter than on normal cars. As a final touch, the Ferrari logo on the front hood is not made of aluminium, but of silver.