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[Source: Pininfarina]

The Mythos is also known as the Ferrari P7. The serialnumber is EAG 026, which is not a normal Ferrari chassis number, but a Pininfarina chassis number. One must remark that there probably is one mock-up, which was also shown on several shows. This mock-up has no mechanical components, but it only used to show the design of the car. Besides that, Pininfarina also made a 1:1 scale model to develop the car.

The Mythos was built in 1988 and designed by Pininfarina, under supervision of Lorenzo Ramaciotti. The Mythos is not, and was not intended to be, a piece of sculpture pure and simple. This prototype is a speedster with a mid-rear engine, which tackles the relationship between volumes from a provocative, in some ways extreme, point of view. The cockpit and the fine frontal area from which, without any change of angle, sprung the curved windscreen was considered its calling card. The Mythos is 18 cm shorter and 13,5 cm wider than the Testarossa and the body was made of carbon fiber. The grooves in the side extending as far as the radiators and the aerodynamic devices blended in harmoniously with the overall line of the car. By means of an electronic control unit, at speeds over 100 km/h the back wing would be raised (300 mm, 12 degrees towards the front). The effect of this was to exert a extra downforce on the rear wheels. At the same time at the front, a spoiler (30 mm) would appear to increase the load on the front end. When the speed droped below 70 km/h the wing and spoiler would go back to their normal positions. The single-armed windscreen wiper is hidden into a space in front of the windscreen and purring into action when needed. The seats and headrests are a part of the rear bulkhead. A whole host of switches are dotted around the dashboard. The Mythos also has a special outlet and the body is made of synthetic material.

The debute of the Mythos was on the Tokyo Show in autumn 1989. It then appeared on many other shows. Since a long time, the car is owned by Mr. Kosaka from Japan, who has also shown it on multiple events all over the world. The car can also be seen in Mr. Kosaka's own museum "Gallery Abarth" near Tokyo, Japan.

Specifications :
Top speed 255 km/h
0-100 km/h 5,8 s
Weight 1250 kg

[Source: Pininfarina]

Besides the real Mythos, there are a number of additional Mythos built by Pininfarina for the Sultan of Brunei. All of these cars are RHD.