Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
Official publications

Source: "Ferrari, 50 years of factory publications" by Michel Sauze

324/84Testarossa press information, Paris salon, 24 pages, 9 b/w photos (24x19cm), pink cover (31x22.5cm)
         F + I600oct 1984
         GB800oct 1984
         D + US300oct 1984
326/84Testarossa, Europe, 24 x 34, 8 pages, I + GB + F + D10,000oct 1984
         reprint10,000dec 1984
         reprint10,000dec 1985
327/84Testarossa, US, 24 x 34, 8 pages10,000oct 1984
328/84Testarossa brochure, 34 pages, red cover with grill, 31x27cm15,000oct 1984
         reprint17,000sept 1985
         reprint8,000feb 1988
         reprint5,000mar 1989
         reprint5,000oct 1989
329/84Testarossa US brochure10,000oct 1984
         reprint2,000nov 1988
330/84Testarossa workshop manual-1984
333/84Testarossa poster, profile7,000nov 1984
         reprint7,000aug 1985
         reprint7,000oct 1986
         reprint8,000feb 1988
         reprint5,000jun 1988
334/8512 cylinders Europe warranty card-1985
339/85Testarossa spare parts catalogue-1985
344/85Testarossa owner's book-1985
346/8512 cylinders US warranty card-1985
347/8512 cylinders California warranty card-1985
348/85Testarossa US owner's book-1985
349/85Testarossa US consumer information-1985
351/85Testarossa time reference book-1985
358/85Testarossa US consumer information-1985
366/85Testarossa spare parts catalogue-1985
378/8512 cylinders California warranty card
392/85Testarossa Swiss owner's book-1985
401/85Testarossa US workshop manual-1985
- - - -Poster: Enzo Ferrari at Fiorano with 328, Testarossa and F1 '85-1985
428/86Testarossa owner's book-1986
430/86Testarossa owner's book-1986
434/8612 cylinders warranty card and owner's service book-1986
450/8612 cylinders California emission system warranty-1986
451/86Testarossa US owner's book-1986
454/8612 cylinders Europe warranty card-1986
455/86Testarossa 1987 owner's warranty and service book-1986
456/86Testarossa owner's book-1986
457/86Testarossa US wiring diagram-1986
459/86Testarossa Europe wiring diagram-1986
460/86Testarossa spare parts catalogue-1986
- - - -Postcard: Testarossa with dog on beach-1986
- - - -Poster: Testarossa with dog on beach-1986
467/87Testarossa variants for swiss version-1987
469/87Testarossa K Jetronic injection manual-1987
470/87All models diagnostic manual-1987
480/87Testarossa owner's book-1987
483/87Testarossa US owner's warranty and service book-1987
484/8712 cylinders US and California warranty-1987
496/87Testarossa owner's book-1987
499/8712 cylinders warranty card and owner's service book-1987
509/88Testarossa wiring diagram-1988
519/88Testarossa owner's book-1988
527/88Testarossa 1989 owner's warranty and service book-1988
529/8812 cylinders California emission control-1988
531/88Poster: Testarossa, side view3,000dec 1988
         reprint2,000mar 1990
536/88Testarossa US owner's information book-1988
540/89Testarossa owner's book-1989
547/89Testarossa consumer information-1989
577/89Testarossa service time schedule-1989
578/8912 cylinders warranty card and owner's service book-1989
582/8912 cylinders US and California warranty card-1989
585/90Testarossa owner's book-1990
586/90Testarossa US warranty card-1990
587/90Testarossa spare parts catalogue-1990
614/9012 cylinders California emission control warranty-1990
615/90Testarossa warranty and service book-1990
621/90Poster: Testarossa, profile view2,000nov 1990
         reprint2,000sep 1992
         reprint1,000aug 1994
626/90Testarossa workshop manual sheet D-1990
634/90Testarossa US owner's book-1990
638/91Testarossa warranty card I + GB + F + D-1991
665/9112 cylinders California emission control-1991
669/91Testarossa consumer information-1991

Non Official publications

An overview of the BEST books and magazines about the Ferrari Testarossa:
  • Supercars: Ferrari Testarossa by Mark Hughes
    Published by Salamander Book, 1988. ISBN 0861013662
    A fantastic book with lots of pictures and very interesting information about the history, the design and the manufacturing.
    Many technical details and also a driving impression.

  • GB Progetti #10, From the Ferrari Testarossa to the 512 TR, January / February 1992
    This the very best book about the development of the Testarossa and the 512 TR.
    Lots of technical details, many interviews with developers and dozens of pictures of test models.

  • Ferrari F512 M by Automobilia (#32 in the series)
    Editor Bruno Alfieri. 1996. ISBN 8879600818. All texts are in English, Italian and French.
    Several chapters about the Testarossa, 512 TR and F512 M. Lots of (mainly official) photos, technical details, info from owners manuals, road tests and so on. This book is the most complete one of all other Automobilia books listed below.

  • Ferrari Testarossa by Paolo Murani, Stefano Pasini and Luigi Orsini
    Published by Automobilia (#3 in the series). 1989. ISBN 8885058450.
    Nice design photos, lots of other photos (interior and exterior, including photos of the cars shown in Paris), many photos from owners manuals, a nice story and finally a part about the old 250 Testa Rossa. The whole book is in three languages, Italian, English and French.

  • Ferrari Testarossa by Brian Laban
    Published by Colour Library Books Ltd, 1992. ISBN 903660818X (Dutch version)
    A quite nice book, with lots of pictures and a nice story. Not so many technical details.

  • Ferrari Testarossa by David Sparrow
    Published by Osprey Automotive, in the series of Osprey Classic Marques. 1992, ISBN 185532265X.
    Lots of nice photos of the car and its interior. No photos of the production in the factory. Nice story, but not so many technical details.

  • Ferrari Testarossa by Paolo Murani
    La Collection #1. Published by Bruno Alfieri, Automobilia, 1992. ISBN 8885880479
    A very small but nice book with many official photos and drawings from folders of the Testarossa and the 512 TR. Including driving impressions of both cars.

  • Ferrari Testarossa by Philip Porter
    Published by Schrader Verlag / "Autofolio", 1990. ISBN 3922617824 (German version)
    Nice photos, although half of them are in black and white. Not so many technical details or info about the production. Most info can also be found in other sources.

  • Pininfarina Mythos by Automobilia (#23)
    Published by Auotmobilia / Bruno Alfieri. Limited edition of 3000.
    Fantastic photos and drawings of the Mythos. Not much text, but a must for the Mythos lover.