Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M

This page will describe all possible differences on F512 Ms, often related to the market or to options that could be ordered.


The side markers on US versions were different than the ones on other versions, where there was just a small round indicator behind the front wheels. Also note the orange coloured front blinkers on US version, instead of white coloured ones on other versions.

Blinkers US version
Blinkers Euro version


One of the possible options were sport seats.


Old 512 TR style wheels could be choosen as an option.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Each car made after 1980 has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), an unique number to identify the car. On F512 Ms, the VIN can be found on a small plate on the steering column and at the chassis in the engine room. On US versions, the VIN can also be found on a plate on the door. The VINs of F512 M look like this:

ZFFVA40B0000xxxxxEuro version
ZFFVA40C0000xxxxxUK version (RHD)
ZFFVA40D0000xxxxxAustralian version
ZFFVA40JPN00xxxxxJapanese version
ZFFVA40S0000xxxxxSwiss/Swedish version
ZFFVG40Axx00xxxxxUS version

For more details about the VIN, please check the VIN Decoder.

At Euro, Swiss, Japanese and UK versions, the serialnumber is also printed on all the windows. The five-digit serialnumber is followed by three letters, which have no meaning, but which are stored in Ferrari's administrative system. In case of a six digit serialnumber (10xxxx), the "10" is replaced by an "A" (so, window code A1577 belongs to serialnumber 101577).

All F512 Ms will also have an assembly number, which can be found on a small plate at the right side of the engine compartment.

VIN on the steering column
VIN on the steering column

VIN plate in the engine room (Euro)
VIN plate in the engine room (Euro)

VIN plate on the doors (US, 512 TR)
VIN plate on the doors (US, 512 TR)

VIN chassis stamping
VIN chassis stamping
Assembly number
Assembly number
Window Code
Window Code


When ordering a new F512 M, the list of "options" was quite limited. Besides a choice for the colour for the exterior, the leather interior, the dash and the carpets (see below for available colours), there were a few other options:
  • Schedoni leather luggage set, specially made for the F512 M.
  • 512 TR wheels (instead of the regular F512 M wheels; see also above)
  • Sport seats (see also above)
  • Spare wheel (as an addition to the inflation bottle which was part of the tool kit)


The colours available on the F512 M are mentioned below (note: the coloured fields are just for an indication!).

Exterior (paint made by Glasurit)
    FER 101/CArgento Nürburgring
    FER 102Giallo Modena
    FER 300/12Rosso Corsa
    FER 311/CRosso Monza
    FER 312Rosso Barchetta
    FER 503/CBlu Sebring
    FER 513/CBlu Swaters
    FER 515/CAzzurro Monaco
    FER 516/CBlu Le Mans
    FER 517/CAzzurro Hyperion
    FER 606Verde Inglese
    FER 607/CVerde Silverstone
    FER 608/CVerde Mugello
    FER 703/CCanna di Fucile
    FER 901/CNero Carbonio
    FER 905Bianco Avus
    FER 1240Nero

    4301Grigio Chiaro
    4302Grigio Scuro
    4379Cuoio Ginerva

164Dark brown