Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
Ten years after

The F512 M was introduced at the Paris Show between October 6th and 16th 1994, exactly ten years after the introduction of the Testarossa. Two cars where shown, a red car (s/n 99818) on the Pozzi stand and a yellow one (s/n 99854) on the Pininfarina stand. Introductions for other markets were:
  • Fall 1994, Bossenstein, The Netherlands (Benelux market)
  • November 1994, Cornes & Co. (importer), Nagoya, Japan (Japanese market)
  • February 9th 1995, 4th Cavallino Classic, Florida, USA (North American market)

Production numbers

The F512 M was made between late 1994 and early 1996, with a total production of only 501 cars.
The serialnumbers are in the range of 99375 till 105516.

A total of 75 cars went to North America and they were all numbered "# .. of 75".