Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
Official publications

Source: "Ferrari, 50 years of factory publications" by Michel Sauze

883/94F512 M owner's book-1994
886/94F512 M Europe warranty card I + GB + F + D-1994
889/94F512 M US warranty card I + GB + F-1994
892/94F512 M California emission control warranty-1994
893/94F512 M red folder, 6 pages, I + GB1,000feb 1994
         reprint1,500sep 1994
896/94F512 M poster Pininfarina drawings1,500sep 1994
         reprint3,000mar 1995
897/94F512 M press kit, Paris (oct 1994), 32 pages, grey drawing cover, I + GB3,000sep 1994
901/94F512 M consumer information-1994
902/94F512 M US owner's book-1994
905/94F512 M US press kit, Palm Beach (feb 1995)500may 1994
906/94F512 M catalogue, 28 pages, 22x31cm2,000oct 1994
         reprint5,000jan 1995
910/94F512 M spare parts catalogue-1994
913/94Poster: F512 M profile1,000dec 1994
922/94F512 M workshop manual sheet A-1994
923/94F512 M workshop manual sheet B-1994
924/94F512 M workshop manual sheet L-1994
925/94F512 M workshop manual sheet N-1994
926/94F512 M US workshop manual sheet N-1994
- - - -F512 M white catalogue-1994
931/95F512 M workshop manual sheet D-1995
935/95F512 M sheet, 2 pages, 21x30cm10,000jan 1995
         reprint10,000oct 1995
1033/95F512 M owner's book-1995

Non Official publications

An overview of the BEST books and magazines about the Ferrari F512 M:
  • Ferrari F512 M
    Published by Automobilia (#32 in the series). Editor Bruno Alfieri. 1996.
    ISBN 88-7960-081-8. All texts are in English, Italian and French.
    Several chapters about the Testarossa, 512 TR and F512 M. Lots of (mainly official) photos, technical details, info from owners manuals, road tests and so on. This book is the most complete one of all other Automobilia books listed below.