Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
Official publications

Source: "Ferrari, 50 years of factory publications" by Michel Sauze

662/91512 TR owner's warranty card-1991
665/9112 cylinders California emission control-1991
667/91512 TR US owner's book-1991
671/91512 TR temporary spare parts catalogue-1991
675/91512 TR workshop manual, vol 1-1991
676/91512 TR workshop manual, sheet B-1991
677/91512 TR workshop manual, sheet C-1991
678/91512 TR workshop manual, sheet D-1991
679/91512 TR workshop manual, sheet E-1991
680/91512 TR workshop manual, sheet F-1991
681/91512 TR workshop manual, sheet G-1991
682/91512 TR workshop manual, sheet H-1991
683/91512 TR workshop manual, vol 2-1991
684/91512 TR workshop manual, sheet L-1991
685/91512 TR workshop manual, sheet M-1991
686/91512 TR workshop manual, sheet N-1991
687/91512 TR service time schedule-1991
688/91512 TR diagnosis sheet #14 I + GB + F + D-1991
691/91512 TR brochure, 26 pages black cover (690/91?), 21x30cm, I + F + GB + D-1991
692/91512 TR warranty and service book, black-1991
693/91512 TR technical manual-1991
694/91Poster: 512 TR, profile view1,000nov 1991
695/91Poster: 512 TR1,000nov 1991
699/91512 TR additional workshop manual-1991
706/92512 TR spare wheel consumer information-1992
708/92512 TR spare parts catalogue-1992
711/92512 TR US technical manual-1992
713/92512 TR owner's warranty card, GB-1992
715/92512 TR California emission control-1992
717/92Poster: 512 TR by Andrew Kitson2001992
722/92512 TR 24 months warranty card I + GB + F + D-1992
727/92512 TR technical manual-1992
735/92512 TR updated workshop manual-1992
741/92512 TR spare parts catalogue-1992
749/92512 TR updated time schedule-1992
750/92512 TR greeting card-1992
751/92512 TR ABS brochure I + GB + F + D-1992
769/93512 TR California emission control-1993
772/93512 TR US 1994 warranty card, GB-1993
772/9312 cylinders warranty card, GB-1993
773/93512 TR US technical manual-1993
777/93512 TR maintenance and lubrication chart-1993
783/93512 TR warranty card I + GB + F + D-1993
790/93512 TR owner's book-1993
793/93512 TR warranty card I + GB + F + D-1993
810/93512 TR brochure, 26 pages black cover, 21x30cm3,000nov 1993
         reprint5,000jan 1994
         reprint3,000mar 1994
829/94512 TR red folder, I + GB, 6 pages1,000feb 1994
         reprint1,000apr 1994
875/94512 TR spare parts catalogue-1994

Non Official publications

An overview of the BEST books and magazines about the Ferrari 512 TR:
  • GB Progetti #10, From the Ferrari Testarossa to the 512 TR, January / February 1992
    This the very best book about the development of the Testarossa and the 512 TR. Lots of technical details, many interviews with developers and dozens of pictures of test models.

  • Ferrari 512 TR - Die Geschichte der Boxer-Modelle by Werner Schruf
    Published by Motorbuch Verlag. Text in German. ISBN 3-613-01540-4.
    Nice information and good pictures about the development of the Testarossa and the 512 TR, followed by the production process and a road test. A very large part of the book is also about other related Ferrari models.

  • Ferrari 512 TR by David Sparrow and Iain Ayre
    Published by Osprey Automotive, in the series of Osprey Classic Marques. 1994, ISBN 1 85532 439 3.
    Lots of photos which clearly shows the differences with the Testarossa. Most interesting is the series of photos of the manufacturing of the 512 TR. Also included is a road test.

  • Ferrari F512 M
    Published by Automobilia (#32 in the series). Editor Bruno Alfieri. 1996. ISBN 88-7960-081-8.
    All texts are in English, Italian and French.
    Several chapters about the Testarossa, 512 TR and F512 M. Lots of (mainly official) photos, technical details, info from owners manuals, road tests and so on. This book is the most complete one of all other Automobilia books listed below.

  • Ferrarissima #16 (512 TR)
    Published by Automobilia. Chief editor Bruno Alfieri Limited edition of 5000 copies. 1992. ISSN 0393-3318.
    Several articles about the new 512 TR. Including several (official) photos. Lot of the information can also be found in one of the other Automobilia books.

  • Ferrari Testarossa by Paolo Murani
    La Collection #1. Published by Bruno Alfieri, Automobilia, 1992. ISBN 88 85880 47 9
    A very small but nice book with many official photos and drawings from folders of the Testarossa and the 512 TR. Including driving impressions of both cars.