Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
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Did you grow up in the 1980s?

Yes? Then you probably had a poster of this car on your bedroom wall. Or you would at least remember it as the star of the famous TV series Miami Vice or from computer games like Outrun and Test Drive.

This "redhead" has often been the reason why people got addicted to Ferrari. That also happened to us and that's why this website is focussed on one of the most impressive automotive icons of the 1980s:

The Ferrari Testarossa!

This website shows very detailed information on the Testarossa and its successors the 512 TR and the F512 M, including all kinds of modifications based on these types. Additionally, a detailed Ferrari VIN Decoder is present to decipher the 17-digit VIN number of modern (> 1980) Ferraris.